The Cut Christmas Challenge

Welcome to the final edition of Futures /Cut for this year. It has been another roller-coaster ride of ups and downs in politics and property, and a year in which the future became the present in many areas of tech and how we live our lives.

Next year Brexit beckons (or does it?), and questions remain over the length of the cycle, and who will be the winners and losers from the digital shift that we are starting to experience in real estate.

We’ll be keeping you posted on these and other topics next year. However, like most blogs around Christmas time, preparation of content gives way to festive parties. And so in place of the usual considered output, you get a lousy quiz. This year’s takes in some of the weird and wonderful topics that have formed part of The Cut (and its predecessor, New Europe) over the past 12 months.

Reflecting on last year’s poor scores and your feedback that it was too difficult, we’ve made the questions easier this year. And to give you even more potential for success, you now have the added resource of our website (the Futures /Hub) where you can find most of the answers if you hunt around. The great news is that like last year, completing the quiz gives you the chance to win a huge selection of illicit, off-brand merchandise that you simply can’t buy (or more specifically our marketing team simply couldn’t shift).

For those of you that are unfortunate enough to still be in the office, it remains for me to wish you a fantastic Christmas and New Year break!  We’ll pick up again the second weekend of January.

Click here to take the quiz.