The Cut Christmas Quiz

Welcome to the final edition of Futures /Cut for this year. The pace of change in the real estate industry this year has been matched only by the inertia in our political environment. That latter might change tomorrow, but I expect the former to continue to develop over the coming year.

The big themes this year and the ones to have in keen focus for next have been: customer experience, sustainability and data. If you don’t have a proposition on each of these, then put one in your New Year’s resolutions.

We’ll be keeping you posted on these and other topics next year. However, in time honoured tradition, this year finishes with a Futures /Cut Christmas Quiz™! To inform this, we’ve looked back over some of the more weird and wonderful subjects that we’ve covered over the past 12 months. The difficulty level is set somewhere between very easy and moderately easy, but if you’re still struggling, then you have the added resource of our Futures /Hub where you can find most of the answers if you hunt around.

As ever, there is the suitably naff prize of unwanted marketing goodies, with the winner to be picked at random in a draw from all entries. If that’s not sufficient incentive, then play for pride.

It remains for me to wish you a fantastic Christmas and New Year break!  We’ll pick up again the second weekend of January. #christmas