The major world religions were pretty much set in stone by 610AD, but every now and then a new contender surfaces. One such religion is ‘Way of the Future’, aimed at promoting ‘a peaceful transition of who is in charge of the planet, from people to people+machines’. Ominously, its leader (a former Google and Uber exec) declares, ‘We believe it may be important for machines to see who is friendly to their cause and who is not’ and so he intends to keep track personally and presumably report back to our soon-to-be robot overlords. I’m feeling relatively safe, but woe betide any Luddites who might disagree. Surprisingly, it seems that the first church will be a physical one, having budgeted $32,500 pa for rent and utilities. It is not however yet clear whether the company’s website and photocopier will be listed as business expenses, or as members of the congregation.