Work Café

What form of business these days doesn’t involve some sort of café? What started as a kettle and a jar of Nescafé in a cupboard has over 20 years risen to comprise a significant chunk of office floorspace and a key feature of many shops. Why? Because both businesses and retailers recognise that these are places to do work and create sales rather than just to get a drink (72% of employees perceived that to be the case in a study by Staples). The latest application of the café in business comes from Santander, which has recently opened a UK branch of its ‘Work Café’ concept in Park Row, Leeds. Trialled in Chile, this is an ‘innovative space for clients and non-customers, which brings a bank, co-working area and coffee house together in a single place’. Three meeting rooms, seating up to 8 people are bookable by anyone, for free, for up to 2 hours, complete with free Wi-Fi, ClickShare and a chalkboard. This is part of a bigger trend towards corporate occupiers, rather than property investors, offering free office space where there is thought to be a brand or customer acquisition benefit to doing so. At Work Café you do still have to pay for the coffee, but if you’d prefer a free cuppa why not pop down the road to our Leeds office on Park Square?