Wish you were here?

If you’re looking around and wondering where all of your colleagues have gone, they’re probably at MIPIM. And in which case, you’re not. But never fear, there’s always the opportunity to share a budget hotel room on La Croisette next year. The annual property conference – which typically coincides with a spike in purchases of pocket-handkerchiefs, lanyard holders (Cushman & Wakefield red this year) and bottles of Peroni – is now in its 27th year, and finding somewhere to stay, in competition with 23,000 others, has never been harder. At the time of writing, there are just 6 hotels (of 1,657) within a 3 mile radius of Cannes that have availability for tonight. If you’re still looking for somewhere, these include Acci Cannes – a one-bed apartment for the bargain price of £1,308 / night – or for the more cost-conscious, the 2* Neptune for just £198 / night at a short 48 minute walk to the venue. Alternatively, why not pop down to R7.G9 – our stand (not a Stars Wars droid).