Toil and Sweat

Over half of corporate employees are getting less than 6 hours sleep due to pressures of modern work, finds a new study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. With the rise of a ‘do-more-with-less’ approach to business, an ‘always on’ culture and increasingly long commutes, there is no reason to suppose that our situation is any better in the UK. One solution is the introduction of sleep pods into the office. However, better solutions are surely new ways to allow employees to fit more healthy activity into the workday. The best stress-buster and sleep enabler is moderate exercise, and there is no reason to think that exercise should be mutually exclusive with work. In fact, I’m typing this on my iPhone on an exercise bike at my gym. Activity based working is pushing new boundaries in office use, but as yet I’ve not seen a ‘spin-and-work’ room on an office floor, allowing employees to do both activities simultaneously. Who’s with me in proposing this? I’d be interested to hear from innovative occupiers leading the charge in similar ways.