The secret to happiness

If you’ve been having a miserable week and are fed up of your colleagues, science is at hand to help you make the next one happier and more productive. A recent study concludes that receiving gifts like flowers is the key to happiness (according to flower gift giving business, Bloom & Wild, published the day before Valentine’s Day). The science behind this statement comes from an analysis by London Metropolitan University, which examined oxytocin levels in participants when gifted with water, flowers and chocolate. In all cases (but water less so) the act of receiving the gift raised oxytocin levels, which are associated with happiness, social bonding and romance. Gifting chocolate benefited from a double whammy, as the substance is inherently oxytocin producing. Happy people are productive people, and social bonding creates high performing teams. Hopefully this illustrates the significant importance of having a well-stocked chocolate vending machine on your office floor. And for those of you that are team leaders, here is a clear business case to ditch the gym and instead go out at lunchtime and buy your colleagues some oxytocin filled treats.