The Final Frontier

I don’t imagine that many children dream of becoming a ‘surveyor’ when they grow up, and so alternative attributions such as ‘Real Estate Consultant’ or ‘Capital Markets Partner’ help to ameliorate any ego issues. I thought that getting to call myself ‘Head of Futures Strategy’ was pretty cool, or at least that’s what I told my mum. However, with the launch of a new vacant position by NASA last week, we all take a step down the job title hierarchy. Applications for the role of ‘Planetary Protection Officer’ are sought by next week. As part of ‘the leadership of NASA’s planetary protection capability,’ the job requires ‘frequent travel’ – but quite how far is not stated… Leading the applications via Twitter is nine year old Jack Davis, who states, ‘I am young, so can learn to think like an alien’. I hate to break it to you Jack, but I have plenty of colleagues who have a 30-year march on you there.