Tenants V Customers

Speaking at VTS’s Accelerate 2017 earlier this summer, WeWork’s Chief Product Officer, Dave Fano, set out a view on the future of the organisation. Pointing to the fact that 85% of its members have been in business for over a year, and 25,000 of its 125,000 global membership are in companies with 1,000+ employees, highlights a transition of this market towards enterprise solutions. However, the ambitions are seemingly more extensive, ‘Real estate for us is like books for Amazon – now it’s the everything store’. Looking forward, ‘All the things that we’re doing aren’t going to have to be in the four walls that we manage’ ‘It’s going to break into two buckets – we come to you or you come to us’. This speaks to more than office as a service, and moves into the realm of workplace as a service. If the role of running our workplaces can be turned into a product, what does this do to the relationships between landlord and tenant and between employer and employee?