Straight to Fridge

There are both conveniences and inconveniences to shopping online relative to shopping in shops. It is convenient for instance to be able to shop once the shops are shut. It is also convenient to be able to reorder a shopping list without having to make the manual selections yourself. However, it is inconvenient to have to be at home during a delivery window. It is even more inconvenient to have your groceries spoil as they sit on your porch. It is these kinds of inconvenience that the big retailers have been trying to remove from their online channels. Walmart makes further ground this week with the announcement of a straight-to-fridge offer. The delivery driver is able to gain access to your home using smart access technology and the delivery is monitored using a wearable webcam, giving the home-owner some reassurance that that they aren’t getting up to mischief. This follows a similar innovation by Amazon a year ago in the form of Amazon Key. Walmart has also recently released another innovation in the form of its ‘Delivery Unlimited’ model. Under this model, customers can choose to pay a $98 annual subscription for unlimited home deliveries, in place of a one-off $9.95 fee. Annual subscriptions, a model now preferred in many businesses, allow the retailer to make investments in delivery infrastructure, whilst also creating customer loyalty and increased repurchasing likelihood.