Star studded hotels

If the future of real estate is about offering great experiences to those that use it, then the hotels sector, the home of experience and hospitality, should surely be at the cutting edge of industry innovations. There are two very different examples of this, which I’ve found this week. The first located in Hamburg is the proposed conversion of a Nazi-era bunker into a 136-bed hotel. The almost indestructible concrete structure, intended to provide shelter for up to 1,000 people in the event of an air raid, will presumably guarantee a good night’s sleep; The brutal building will be greened, and topped with a tiered roof terrace and bar. Not impressed? Then how about Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel being developed in Orlando. Disney has increasingly delivered hotel experiences that bleed into the content of its theme park, including for instance an animal safari lodge complete with African wildlife and a Polynesian resort, with beach and Tiki huts. The Starcruiser hotel is expected to lift the bar, in an experience that will incorporate technology from its parks such as floating holograms, a visit to the planet of Batuu (as part of a multi-day cruise experience) and views into ‘space’ from every hotel room. This might not be the best hotel for business travellers (but then again, why not?), but as the level of immersion and customer service around all real estate assets increases, one should expect hotels to continue to push the boundaries and this feels like a great example. #hospitality #hotels