Spiritual healing

You may be aware that Netflix uses algorithms to offer you recommendations of what to watch, and even to provide the evidence basis for designing new series. I don’t have such algorithms at my disposal; however, intuition tells me that some of the most popular shows on TV are crime dramas, home renovation shows and horror movies. In a stroke of genius, all three genres are coming together in a new series called ‘Murder Flip House’. The show will uncover houses with horrible histories and then deliver a series of remedies including exorcisms, papering over blood stained walls and of course the obligatory installation of hard wood floors and a new granite worksurface. What could possibly go wrong? If anyone is interested in crowdfunding me to deliver a commercial version, I could promise: exorcising the memory of Japanese knotweed, addressing criminal increases in service charge budgets and providing solace for those haunted by CVAs.