Soylent Blues?

For those holding out for a Star Trek food ‘Replicator’ or a Back to the Future style ‘Rehydrator’, the future may have finally arrived (sort of) as the 3D printing revolution moves into the culinary world. US start-up, Open Meals, is developing a technology for mixing colours, textures and nutrients to create printed meals. It is envisaged that you could download the recipe from your favourite TV show straight to the machine. The end of going out for dinner? No, but hopefully an early demise for my awful cooking, and potentially one day the end of the kitchen. The microwave was the last major cooking innovation, but 3D printing could resolve issues of taste, nutrition and cooking time in a package which significantly downsizes the spatial requirement dictated by historic technology (ovens, work surfaces etc); kitchen-less homes being the result. As yet printed food doesn’t exactly look great, but if you’ve seen the new Blade Runner movie, you’ll know that we’ve got Augmented Reality to solve that.