Shop the room

Forget about experiential retailing. What about an experiential living room? Convincing people to buy products based on the lifestyles of the rich and famous is a tried and tested technique. Even people who aren’t that famous, like last year’s cohort of Love Island contestants, might work. On that occasion, online fashion brand Missguided provided the Love Islanders with free products to wear on the show, which resulted in an uptick in sales of 500% of those products. This year, new partner is hoping to emulate their success. But why limit one’s ambitions to selling clothes, when you can also sell furniture? The UAE division of IKEA has developed a cunning ad campaign, which faithfully recreates some of the most famous living rooms in the world, using their own furniture. Now you too can buy the look of Homer Simpson’s living room, complete with crooked picture of a boat, or Monica’s purple-walled Manhattan loft with comfy sofa for entertaining Friends. However, there remains a gap in the market for a commercial equivalent. If you’re about to fit out or provision your office, perhaps discuss with your facilities manager the options for: a mid-century orange dinette chair from Mad Men, desk toys and stickers from the IT crowd, or the water cooler and Gareth’s stapler from The Office.