Rooftop Sun

This week, the Met Office released their latest UK Climate Projections report. Under their highest emissions scenario, they project that our summers will be 5.4C warmer by 2070. Bad news for the environment, but good news for open air venues. A rise in average temperature from ~15% to over 20% would put the UK on a similar standing to a country such as Italy. The area at the top of our buildings is in theory its most expensive element. However, our rooftops tend to be poorly used and often turned over to plant. My colleagues in our EMEA Leisure & Restaurants team consider the opportunities around this in their recently released ‘Rooftops of EMEA’ report. The report discusses how rooftop settings have become the venue of choice for a ‘younger, swipe-savvy’ consumer base. They split rooftop venues into three distinct groups, ‘The Restaurant’, ‘The Events Venue’ and ‘The Playground’ with each conferring different benefits. The common factor is the ability to define a building’s brand and sense of place through a relatively small percentage of its floor area. Successful call outs include high-end restaurants on long leases such as SUSHISAMBA at 110 Bishopsgate, and emerging operators serving meanwhile uses such as Frank’s Bar in Peckham. Operating hours, access / signage, the ratio of indoor to outdoor space and the potential for Instagrammable moments are all considered to be important. Read the report or contact my colleague Thomas Rose.