Red, Yellow and Blue

Both the Labour Party and the Lib Dems have released their manifestos. The Lib Dems will notably be the only major party offering a further referendum on the final terms achieved in the Brexit negotiations, which may well score them votes in pro-Remain constituencies. Meanwhile, Labour’s manifesto, covered with Jeremy Corbyn’s fingerprints, promises a ‘better, fairer Britain’, achieved through higher taxation and an expansion of the State. Critics have pointed to a lack of identified funding for the promised nationalisation of the Royal Mail and the UK’s rail operations. But perhaps one can afford to make bold promises when the object is to win more than 200 seats (a ‘successful result’, according to Len McCluskey), rather than be faced with the prospect of having to deliver on them. The Tory manifesto (to be launched tomorrow) will in that context be the more important document released this week, for better or for worse.