Real estate reboot

As real estate and technology become increasingly intertwined, so the list of things that could go wrong increases. This started many years ago with one of the first pieces of tech to be introduced into building design – the lift. In any year, workers in New York spend a cumulative 5.9 years stuck in elevators and 16.6 years waiting for them, according to IBM. As we moved into the digital age, things don’t seem to have improved: 22% of all conference calls fail, and we each waste 22 minutes per day trying to resolve IT issues. Do we really think we’re ready for the age of IoT? In a taste of the challenges to come with connected buildings, the BT tower in central London, famous for displaying positive messages across its colourful 360 degrees ‘Information Band’, this week crashed, instead displaying the Windows boot up error message. To add insult to injury it was the Windows 7 error message, (remember 2009?).  The rumoured solution was to turn the building off and on again.