R.I.P Mark Zuckerberg

The world mourned this week, as tech doyenne Mark Zuckerberg’s sudden death was announced. However, it transpires that the reports (published in an official memorial by Facebook) were in the words of Mark Twain “greatly exaggerated” as Zuckerberg and two million other users were subsequently confirmed to be in fact alive in what was described as “a terrible error”. Others previously declared dead by social media who weren’t, include: Martin Lawrence (death by Facebook; 2015; 1.0m likes), Beyonce (death by Twitter, 2015; top trend) and Miley Cyrus (death by YouTube; 2008; 385k hits). There are unlearnt lessons here about jumping the gun – in June, Nigel Farage appeared to prematurely concede defeat on the eve of the referendum, whilst this week, Newsweek will be pulping 125,000 recalled copies of their ‘Madam President’ election edition. Increasingly, it ain’t over till it’s over.