Powerful art

A study recently released by academics in the US and Denmark has found that environmental pollution is linked to cases of psychiatric disorders. The study found a statistically significant correlation between exposure to air pollution (particularly during the early years of one’s life) and mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. This adds to the list of other health issues created by air pollutants such as lung disease, and heart problems. The findings add further pressure to residences along polluted streets, in turn fuelling the fire for EV (electric vehicle) adoption. They also add to the already significant case against burning fossils fuels. So, what might become of our former fossil fuel power stations? An example can be found in Luckenwalde in the German state of Brandenburg. The power station there closed over 30 years ago but is now set to reopen in the form of ‘E-Werk’. The repurposed power station will be a carbon neutral art exhibition, workshops and studio space for artists. The whole thing will be powered using locally-sourced woodchip, with surplus energy returned to the grid to support other art installations. The heated wastewater will be recycled to make coffee and as part of a craft brewing process.