Play nicely

The world can be a competitive place and competing is at the heart of business strategy. However, within the workplace there is a danger that a bit of healthy rivalry with one’s co-workers can quickly tip into re-enactments of the Running Man or the Hunger Games. This week a new study from De Montfort University highlights that it’s not just the human workers that should be concerned. The study, which tracked employee interactions with new robotic workers in both Norway and the UK, revealed notable cultural differences. The Norwegians developed an affection for their tin teammates, giving them fun names and interacting with them. Meanwhile in the UK… we Brits were found to deliberately stand in their way and carry out minor acts of sabotage. So, next time the photocopier breaks or your computer freezes, instead of hitting them, consider being more Norwegian. Sit them down for a cup of tea, compliment them on previous achievements, assure them that there is room for both of you to succeed. And then pull the plug out of the wall.