Plan for Britain

We are now a week away from serving notice on the EU under Article 50.  Although the precise contents of the letter that Theresa May will send to Donald Tusk are unknown, she has given some indication of what may be in store in the form of a 12-point ‘Plan for Britain’ released last week. This can be summarised as follows: (1) certainty (required by business), (2) control of laws (ending EU primacy), (3) strengthening the Union (a nod to Nicola Sturgeon), (4) Common Travel Area (mitigating impact on Northern Ireland), (5) controlling immigration (control rather than necessarily curbs), (6) securing EU nationals rights (although no pre-commitment on this), (7) protecting workers rights (presumably both in respect of trade and domestic law), (8) free trade (if the EU accepts this), (9) new trade (e.g. with the US and China), (10) science and innovation (continuing partnerships with EU), (11) crime and terrorism (cross-border security), (12) a smooth and orderly exit (read: transitional arrangements).