Personalised Service

An online store can be a fairly lonely place. Aside from the footprints of other people’s patronage, left in the form of product reviews, you won’t bump into other customers. The flipside of being the only customer in the store is that the retailer can treat you as such and provide a completely personalised experience. For example, eBay is set to launch a new feature that suggests products to you based on your user profile and browsing history. Can bricks and mortar provide similar personalisation? A report by Accenture suggests that customers are 75% more likely to buy from a retailer that knows them by name – good news for the village shop, but what about the shopping centre? The solution could lie in the kind of technology showcased in the film, Minority Report. Participating smartphone users can already receive targeted promotions as they pass stores. The same technology could be used to alert sales assistants to your identity and shopping history as you walk through their door, allowing for a personal greeting, better-tailored product suggestions and potentially better-tailored clothing based on your measurements. For an example of this see: