People are increasingly shopping online, because of the convenience of doing so; right? Perhaps wrong. A recent study carried out by Veeqo concludes that the e-commerce needs of fashion consumers are not being met. Those needs are: (a) same day delivery (6% satisfied), live chat capability (31%), click and collect (35%) and fuss free returns (60%). Can you spot the common factor? These are all things that the physical store does in spades: (a) you can pick up the item and take it straight home, (b) you can chat ‘live’ to a real store attendant, (c) collection is immediate, and (d) you take the item back to the store you bought it in (there is no conflicting policies between the e-commerce and store businesses). Potentially there is some anchoring of e-commerce customers’ expectations to the services that they have historically received in store, but more likely these are enduring requirements. Much of the solution comes from the logistics and technology infrastructure, which needs scale to work. It is no surprise therefore that the top performing retailer for customer satisfaction in the UK (for the 5th consecutive year) is Amazon; an organisation with the scale and focus to invest in this infrastructure. It is still massively under share in the UK relative to its dominance of e-commerce in the US, but if these criteria are deciding factors for consumers, that may not remain the case for much longer.