New New Labour?

“They will say Leaving is inevitable. It isn’t.” Tony Blair has jumped back onto the UK political stage with a firmly pro-EU rhetoric, which may chime with some Labour voters who feel ignored by Corbyn’s support for the EU Bill.  Blair blames ‘the absence of an opposition which looks capable on the polls of beating the Government’ and, in so doing, raises speculation of the potential for a new political party which would stand on a pro-EU ticket. The last time that a major new political party was formed in the UK was in 1988 (the Liberal Democrats), which itself rose from the ashes of the SDP. The SDP, of course, was founded by four former Labour politicians who left the party because they believed it had moved too far to the left, and because it had committed to withdrawal from the EEC. Sound familiar?  However, we are unlikely to see Blair back at the helm. He currently has odds of 200/1 to be the UK’s next Prime Minister – the same as Simon Cowell and Wayne Rooney.