New Gigs

When new and infrequent skills are required by a business, often the quickest way to secure them is through the gig economy. Over time, if the need becomes persistent, then roles become permanent. Therefore, the freelance market can form a leading indicator of trends to come. A new report by Upwork tracks the fastest growing skill requirements for freelancers. Interestingly, none of the top ten made the same list last year, illustrating the dynamism of in-demand skills. Of the top 20, only one (Forex trading) might be considered a long-standing skill, with the other 19 mainly comprising specific tech skills (some of which, e.g. ‘AngularJS development’, I don’t pretend to understand). We tend to categorise the office market into industry groups. Media & Tech accounted for 26% of office take-up in London during 2017 (the biggest sector by take-up). However, with traditional businesses either developing tech specialisms or indeed switching to tech as their raison d’être, how long before Finance simply becomes Fintech, Insurance become Insurtech and Real Estate becomes Proptech?