Markle & Sparkle

News that the most eagerly anticipated event of next year will not, it seems, happen after all, has been met with disappointment across the country. Yes, Theresa May has intimated that there will be no bank holiday to coincide with Harry and Meghan’s nuptials. Surely that’s the whole point? Markle’s ‘Suits’ alter ego, paralegal Rachel Zane, suffers from test anxiety, initially failing to get into law school. However, it is now the US-born princess-to-be that will face a series of tests as she applies for a UK passport. Having already proven herself capable in interviews of discerning crisps from chips, and trousers from pants, the language test should prove a breeze. One might argue that she also has a significant headstart on the ‘Life in the UK’ test, wherein she will be asked challenging questions such as ‘Who is married to the Queen?’. With these tests behind her, however, proving that she will be not reliant on public funding is open to more philosophical viewpoints.