Lions and Tortoises

The knives have been sharpening behind Theresa May’s back this week. ‘We need to have less policy-making by tortoise and [instead] policy-making by lion’, said Tory MP Rob Halfon. And he is in the pro-EU camp. Meanwhile, the real challenge is coming from Brexiteers, with a trickle of petitions for a vote of no-confidence reportedly making their way to the 1922 Committee. The refrain is that no one knows what Theresa May stands for; not an accusation that could be levelled against Messrs. Rees-Mogg or Johnson, who the bookies have in the top positions to succeed May were she to be ousted. With May on evens to leave her post during the course of this year, Halfon might find that the lions that he is inviting in aren’t too tame. The important question it would seem therefore is whether the more moderate May will remain in post to conclude the trade talks (Autumn), or whether bad news at the local elections in Spring will precipitate an earlier departure.