Home v1.0

Recent moves by global tech companies to develop corporate communities have resulted in the creation of a new wave of campuses, where employees can live and work, addressing commute times and living costs, and increasing employer stickiness. To do that requires building some homes, and in the process, Google appears to have got a taste for it. Their preferred solution is factory-built pre-fabs with RFPs reportedly being issued in the prospect of long term collaborations. The proposals are presently limited to homes for Googlers. However, the concept of integrating modular-built smart homes into new smart city fabric designed by the same company is (on one level) appealing. It eliminates the heterogeneity that creates complexity, making everything work a bit more smoothly. In the search for city level efficiency, it feels inevitable that design decisions will ultimately get pushed down to orderly algorithms. Cookie cutter efficiency vs vibrant chaos. Which would you choose?