Haircuts, Lobsters and Snakes

This blog is about looking forwards, so why dedicate an entire edition to looking backwards? It is sometimes difficult to conceive the extent of change in prospect until one considers the change that has already occurred. Nobody notices when your hair grows, in the same way that the lobster doesn’t realise it is being boiled. However, haircuts get comments and boiling water hurts. A look back to 2008 reveals the major changes that we have seen over this period, but in my view with greater changes to come over the next 10 years. In 2008, unknown singer Katy Perry ‘kissed a girl’; whereas in 2018 she is the most followed person on Twitter. Just think what Dani Dyer might achieve by 2028, (actually don’t). Meanwhile, for those invested in real estate, change presents both challenges and opportunities. Greater variance of outcomes and business strategies bring with them both greater potential to succeed and to fail. The former requires an approach which is cognisant of the past, informed about the changes that lie ahead and underpinned by a willingness to do things differently. As Friedrich Nietzsche noted, ‘The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die.