Go Directly to Jail

For those that choose to be the banker in Monopoly, the game might finally be up. Recognising the nefarious realities of the real estate themed board game, Hasbro has introduced a new version that plays to the skills of those 50% of us who take a more ‘flexible’ view to rules. These include Chance cards which encourage the player to move another person’s token instead of their own or secretly pays less rent than the amount they owe. There’s a host of other permitted activity in respect of which the RICS ethics committee would likely take a dim view, including stealing from the bank and surreptitiously adding hotels that you don’t own. To reflect other modern-day realities in their next update I would like to see: all properties relabelled in the very expensive dark blue colour, the introduction of micro-flats in place of houses, landing on a train station to result in skipping five moves due to rail strikes, and Free Parking to be replaced with a Congestion Charge fine.