The robots haven’t yet taken over all of our boring tasks, and full workforce automation is likely to be beyond my lifetime. However, warehousing is one area where automation is making significant progress. This is largely on account of the linear nature of the tasks carried out in warehouse operations. Robots don’t need much motivation to carry out these tasks (perhaps some oil now and then). However, humans do, and as industrialisation of processes and workflow specialisation increases, so human motivation has been shown to decrease. Amazon is one of a number of business that is experimenting in the gamification of activities to raise motivation levels. Warehouse workers in five of its fulfilment centres have their packing and moving successes (and failures) represented in a couple of competitive video games (racing and castle building). Could similar principles be applied in our industry? Perhaps a version of Pokemon Go could be used to facilitate more rigorous building inspections (by hiding Pikachu in the plant room). Comparable evidence collation could be made more enjoyable using a Candy Crush interface (a five comps combo results in 3 valuation points). And striking out unacceptable terms in a draft lease, could be replaced by a Fruit Ninja interface (say goodbye to red pen and hello to sliced watermelon).