Some people are born for Halloween, and some are just counting down the days until Christmas,’ said author Stephen Graham Jones. The former group will be dusting off their costumes for tomorrow, whereas the latter have an equally frightening 55 days on the clock. The shock of a Halloween no-deal Brexit now appears to be behind us; however, more gruesome fates await those who work in offices up and down the country. To support a recent report entitled ‘The Work Colleague of the Future’, the authors have created a life-sized doll called Emma to illustrate how our co-workers might appear in 20 years’ time. For those familiar with the other nightmarish dolls such as Chuckie, or Annabelle from The Conjuring series, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Emma is the product of a sedentary lifestyle, hunched over a laptop all day, with poor nutrition and little exercise. She has red eyes, a permanently bent back, varicose veins (from poor blood flow), a pot belly, eczema (caused by stress), sallow skin (from over exposure to artificial light), swollen sinuses (from poor air quality) and swollen wrists (from repetitive movement). Check out your future colleague (or perhaps future you) here, and be very afraid. #weirdandwonderful #halloween