Nestpick has produced a list of the top global cities for Millennials. London finished in a rather disappointing 14th place, with honourable mentions in the top 30 for Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow. Sixteen factors of assessment were designed to draw out those cities with a thriving business ecosystem, affordability, social openness and places to relax. Millennials occupy the minds of many survey makers and employers, but how helpful is this categorisation? Some broad bracketing of Millennials now captures people in their 40s, as well as those just leaving university. They currently account for 25% of the population but are anticipated to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025. If the question is ‘what can we do to appeal to 75% of our workforce?’, then it is a very legitimate one. If, however, the answer concerns egos, experience-over-consumerism, and beanbags, then perhaps we need to go back to the virtual whiteboard.