If you live in central London, then you may well treat having a car as an unjustifiable luxury. For most other places across the UK (even more so in the US), car ownership varies from being fairly important to indispensable. However, times are changing. Particularly for sustainably minded young urbanites living in high density environments and supported by mobility as a service options, car ownership may soon become a thing of the past. Developers are starting to pre-empt this. This week developer Culdesac went on site on ‘the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the US’. Prioritising green space over parking lots and roads, the scheme bends zoning rules as part of a publicly supported pilot. The scale is what makes this special: 1,000 units over 16 acres, in which over half of the site footprint will be allocated to landscaping and green space. Residents are not permitted to park anywhere on site; however, there is an element of visitor parking associated with the retail space. Gearing towards a younger audience, the scheme also features guest suites for visitors, communal fire pits, free neighbourhood bus services and plenty of bike lanes and dedicated Uber and Lyft pick up stations. In car friendly Arizona, this is a bold move. Developers in the UK should watch with interest