Coworking 2019

Whilst 2017 may have been a high-water mark for serviced office take up, our latest research report on the subject shows that active demand and take up by serviced office operators remain strong. Running at 18% of all take up in central London since January 2018, this outperforms any other sector and by the year end will account for 5.5% of all stock. Having moved firmly into the mainstream, this is no longer a concept delivered in fringe locations; most space last year was taken in the City Core. Importantly, it is also no longer an activity for new or niche players and disruptors. Many of the mature incumbents now have some form of flex, service or managed proposition, and are increasingly electing to deliver themselves rather than leasing down. As serviced offices come of age, we start to see a new norm in the use and occupation of workspace. What is less clear is what may be the systemic impact on value that comes with an increasingly high proportion of total stock held on less secure terms. You can download a copy of the report here.