Chip and Whisky

Much has been written about the threat to human jobs posed by robots. Elon Musk’s new philosophy: if you can’t beat them, join them!  His new venture ‘Neuralink’ has an immediate mission to tackle brain injuries, but a longer term ambition to enhance human intelligence through neural implants, which one day may enable humans to access the internet directly. Less ambitiously, subcutaneous NFC / RFID chips are already being used in offices to open security doors, turn on lights, pay in staff canteens, and use secure printers. To this end, startup hub Epicenter in Stockholm has already implanted 150 workers, promoting the activity with ‘Chip & Whisky’ after-work drinks. Sounds fun. As workforce diagnostics become more widespread, how long will it be before one needs to become a cyborg to use the coffee machine? Or perhaps before one becomes the coffee machine.