Boris is Boris

Only days before her big announcement in Florence later this week, Theresa May is unlikely to have welcomed Boris’s 4,000 word dissertation on the future of Brexit. A refrain of his £350m-for-the-NHS claim, it provoked ‘surprise and disappointment’ from UK Statistics Authority chief Sir David Norgrove; however, that perhaps misses the point. Ken Clarke’s calls for Johnson to be sacked have met with a shrug of May’s shoulders, ‘Boris is Boris’. One might surmise that either: (a) Boris’s words reflect May’s speech in prospect and that we won’t ‘bottle it’; or (b) more frequently suggested that he senses May’s weakness and is gearing up for a leadership challenge. The bookmakers still have him (10/1) at double David Davis’s odds (5/1) to become next Prime Minister. Meanwhile, favourite Jeremy Corbyn (3/1) is presumably happy to keep quiet and watch it all play out.