Theresa May captured the zeitgeist ahead of the Conservative Party conference when she acknowledged the need to remake the case for capitalism. For many younger voters, the attractive promises made by Jeremy Corbyn come without any experience of the alternative that he offers. However, it is those under 30 (many new to the voting pool and only c.20% voting Conservative) that are increasingly important to the Tories; a party accused of willfully ignoring the challenges of a large part of the electorate. Today, May calls colleagues to ‘shape up and give the country the Government it needs’. Part of this, says Sajid Javid, involves a ‘complete rethink’ of social housing in the form of a Green Paper, a frankly overdue regulation of letting agents, more protections for the private rented sector (now 20% of all homes) and incentives to grant tenancies longer than 12 months. Finally, May today announced £2bn new funding to launch ‘a new generation of council housing’.