Are you being served?

As we hit peak summer, there’s no better time to join other revellers in a frosty beer in one of the nation’s bars and pubs. Except, that is, if you have to spend half of the evening waiting to be served.  This problem is compounded if you’re diminutive or just too polite relative to others who are more willing to assert their right to be served. It’s even worse when the bartender seemingly ignores you. Fear not; technology to the rescue! Recently piloted at the Harrild & Sons in the City, a new webcam driven facial recognition system notifies the bartender of who is next in the queue to be served, based on how long their face has been in view. In the product’s roadmap is an age recognition feature that could help tackle underage drinking, and even a ‘Facetab’, which automatically charges your drinks to a tab based on your identified mugshot. Thankfully, if your local doesn’t yet have this technology, there are always more traditional techniques to get served. A study published in Frontiers in Psychology, which analysed a number of hopeful drinkers in Edinburgh, concluded that you are more likely to get served by: (a) facing straight on to the bar with head facing forwards, (b) looking at the bartender, and (c) leaning on the bar. To be avoided are: looking at the drinks menu, looking at the drinks or counting one’s money. Who would have thought it? Cheers!