Cheryl has split up with Liam, Wimbledon is in full flow and Josh ‘decoupled’ from Georgia on Love Island. But, frankly, no one cares because it appears that football might actually be coming home. Such is the disregard for everything non-football, that 1.2 million people are estimated to have planned a sickie today in the prospect of celebrating last night’s game. And, of course, England dutifully obliged by clinching their first ever World Cup penalty shoot-out victory; in the process providing some catharsis for Gareth Southgate following his Pizza Hut ad days (Millennials may need to google this). Now a close third favourite to win (9/2), and with no other previous World Cup winner on our side of the draw, the question is can England go all the way? If you believe in cycles, then the answer is almost certainly ‘yes’. In 1966, the year of England’s last victory, Real Madrid won the European Cup and Chelsea finished fifth in the league; both of which have repeated themselves this year. In the same year, UK inflation picked up to almost 4% (tick), London’s Centre Point development completed (tick), and Labour won a General Election (well, we are only at halftime…).