The world and industry in which both we and our clients operate is changing rapidly. There are significant behavioural shifts in how we choose to work, shop and live. We are seeing the emergence of new business and operating models, and technology offers exciting prospects to create a better world.

With change comes both opportunity and risk. At Cushman & Wakefield we believe in being proactive about change, challenging our clients to think differently about real estate, and taking ownership of our own destiny. Collectively we have called this response ‘Futures’.

If you have found yourself on this page, then the chances are that you have a similar mindset. We hope that you find this site interesting. In here you can find a mine of information on subjects that we think matter. You can get an understanding of some of the initiatives that we are running to stay ahead of the curve. And importantly, we’d invite you to collaborate with us on these topics. Let’s create the future together.

Richard Pickering

Head of Futures Strategy

Direct 020 3296 3620 / 07712 893 252

I have the privilege of leading Cushman & Wakefield’s Futures Strategy. Passionate about innovation in real estate, I consult to clients on their strategy, find ways to make our business better, and write our weekly blog Futures /Cut which has a readership of over 6,000. I started my career as a lawyer, before moving into regeneration and development consulting. More recently I headed up our Insight team in the UK and studied for an MBA before taking my current role.

Chris Hancocks

Head of Futures Digital

Direct 07714 277 078

As the Head of Futures Digital I work to provide insight to clients and colleagues with an aim to improve and increase our services. I advise on all matters surrounding analysis and I am experienced in the automation of tasks. I began my career as a valuer, specialising in the valuation of alternative real estate assets including theme parks and crematoria and in the creation of complex discounted cashflows.