The Futures Exchange is a vehicle for our experts to debate and share their specialist knowledge, experience, and things that excite them. Here you’ll find everything from polished corporate videos to snippets of thought recorded on iPhones. Presently this is a closed area for our teams, but if you are interested in any of the content below, drop us a line, and we’d be pleased to discuss further.

/Exchange LIVE: Our forth panel event chaired by Richard Womack and this time our panel is full of C&W’s best salespeople. Listen now to hear their techniques and tips.

/Exchange LIVE: Want to know how you can grow a small business into a market leader? Hear from our London Occupier Rep team who have done just that.

Want a better understanding of Build to Rent? Allow Ted to walk you through an introduction to acronyms, assets and amenities.

/Exchange LIVE: Listen back to our interactive panel discussion where our panellists reveal their hidden secrets to getting ahead and accelerating their careers.

/Exchange LIVE: The first of our debate format events, where two teams competed against one another over a series of rounds focused on Predictions for 2019. Our UK wide audience then voted via their phones on who put across the most convincing argument!

Futures Launch Highlights: Proptech companies / Futures Lab / Future Visions Pod / Voting and games / Networking

/Exchange LIVE: Listen to our experts share anecdotes and tips from their careers about how to deliver excellent client service (…and how not to!). This was the first in a series of live panel sessions with more planned for 2019.

Power BI is an business analytics solution being increasingly used in the real estate space. Listen to Ilda talk about how this tool could help you in your role.

Futures in conjunction with GTS, are building out a tool that could transform the way we work. Listen to Oliver to hear what’s coming for the digitalisation of our business.

Proptech funding is set to reach the astronomical heights that fintech has reached within the next few years. Watch this video from Rory Young to find out what’s behind this.

Sports in the workplace are proven to improve health and wellness. Hear more from Cat who leads on sports at C&W, and some of our sports teams themselves on how you can get involved.

Our Interior Design team is growing. Watch this video to hear more from the team and about the projects they’ve been working on.

Despina Katsikakis is a workplace visionary. Listen to her thoughts on the future of the workplace.